Windridge Country Clu
5044 Millers Mill Road 

Owensboro KY 42303
Pro Shop 270-685-3639

Weekly Events For Member

Usually the first of May through first week of October:   Times are subject to change.

Windridge has golfing weekly events:

Tuesday  -  9 a.m.  Ladies morning group
                   5 p.m.  Ladies afternoon group (course still open for play)

Thursday-  9 a.m.  Men's morning group
                  5 p.m.  Men's and Ladies scrambles

Friday or Sunday - Couples play after 3 p.m. (course still open for play)


Alternate Shot – Both partners tee off on each hole.  Select the preferred drive then alternate shots until the hole is completed.

Scramble – Both partners tee off on each hole.  Select the preferred drive then both partners will hit their second shot from that location.  Do the same for each shot until hole is completed.

Altered Stableford – Play as alternate shot but score as stableford.  Double bogey or more – 0 points, bogey – 1 point, par – 2 points, birdie – 3 points, eagle – 4 points and a double eagle is 5 points.  The partners with the highest number of points are the winners.

Chapman Foursome – Partners both drive from each tee , and then each plays a second shot with the other’s ball.  After the second shots, a choice is made regarding the ball with which the hole will be completed, alternate  shots being continued until the ball is holed.

Four ball – Each partner plays his or her own ball.  The lower score of the partners is the score for the hole.

Scratch & Scramble Stroke Play – Play is Four-ball stroke play.  On each hole, partners’ scores are added and divided by two to obtain the teams’s score.  For example: partner one shoots a 4 and partner two shoots a 3.  The total would be 7.  Divide that by 2 and the score for that hole would be 3 ½.


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