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Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup

There was an idea of golf competition here in the community.  Brett Frederick thought outside the box and pitched the idea to our golf committee.  The Idea was to play a Ryder Cup format against the Summit Country Club.  A two day tournament which consist of three different formats, 2 man alternate shot, 4 man best ball, and single match play. Our golf committee all agreed this was a brilliant idea and ask Brett to pitch it to the Summit members.  They accepted the challenge.  We decided to have our members to qualify though our Club Championship Tournament.  The Summit qualified their players in their own way.  On paper the Summit qualified team was very talented with an average handicap of 5.  Windridge’s team averaged handicap was 9.

The Windridge Country Club Team

Tommy Jones                                     Brett Frederick                                   Tom Millay

Kenny Ackerman                               Vince Frey                                          Sammy Miller

Michael Thompson                            Jeff Hartman                                      Tim Murphy

Kevin Selby                                        Kenny Millay                                      Jon Hidenrite

The first day was held here at Windridge.  The format of the front 9 holes was 2 man best ball worth 6 points, the back 9 holes was 4 man best ball worth 6 points.

The Windridge Team Represented our Club well, after the first day of competition Windrige was leading with 7 points to 5 points.  The second day all play was held at the Summit Country Club.  The format was single match play.  The weather conditions were hardly ideal.  Play began at 10:00 am with a brisk 42 degrees and a steady wind of 25mph with gust upwards of 35mph.  At the end of play that day The Summit team had scored 7 points and Windrige team with 5 points.  A Tie, no one considered a tie.  But in the true sportsmanship of the game, both teams agreed to share the Cup.  The Summit the first 6 months and Windrige the following 6 months.

Everyone at Windrige Country Club should be proud of our team, and congratulate each and every Ryder Cup team member.  We look forward to next year when our team will bring the cup home where it belongs.

A special thanks to Brett Frederick for thinking outside the box and creating excitement within our club. 

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